Payroll Pricing

Payroll Plan Pricing

  • Flat rate every month-consistent & predictable*
  • Only MainStreet factors in the cost of quarterly/year-end reports and tax deposits into our monthly rates
  • Steady cash flow throughout the year

Choose the monthly rate that best fits your needs & budget!

  • Only MainStreet provides an easy to read chart so you can find the best plan for your business













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  • Customizable for individual needs: $30 per payroll + $2 per check for employees + $4 per tax checks + $5 per W-2 + $8.50 per tax depositary
  • Monthly w/advance; MainStreet’s unique payroll frequency-2 payrolls/month & $30 less!


 Monthly W/Advance Payroll

2 Paydays a month- $30 less!

This unique payroll frequency is just another way MainStreet looks out for our fellow small businesses. 


Here’s how it works:

    1. You and/or your employees receive paychecks on the 5th and 20th of every month.
    2. All payroll taxes for both paychecks are withheld from the check on the 5th.
    3. The check on the 20th is an advance payment for the earnings from the 1th-15th.
    4. For salaried employees, the advance is a set even amount (Ex. $1,000)
    5. For hourly employees, the advance can be equal to or less than 80% of their earnings from the 1th-15th.


Why is this frequency beneficial?

  • Employers save $360/yr by cutting one payroll every month. 
  • Employees still get paid twice a month.



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